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Here at Gypsum Express, we know that our drivers truly make the difference, so we provide them with the very best. To us you’re not just a number; you’re a member of our family, and we work hard to make your job easier. Gypsum offers our drivers better pay, superior equipment, flexible benefits packages, and time at home with your family. Our new and late model Freightliner Cascadias will get you where you need to be with ease, and with 11 terminals conveniently located, you can bet that you will be able to haul more loads. See why you should become a member of our Gypsum
family today!


Dan Henderson (Vice President of Sales & Logistics), Jerry Harris (Vice President of Vans & Dedicated Operations), John Wight (President & Owner), Tim Sheppard (Vice President of Flatbed Operations)

We Bleed Gypsum Red

“If you want a career, Gypsum Express is the place to be.”

- Bob Lingyak

“I’m married with four kids all under the age of six, so home time is very important to me to spend time with my wife and kids, and Gypsum does a very good job making sure that they balance home time with me also getting miles and making that pay check to provide for my family.”

- Paul Roscher

“Gypsum Express’s training program is the most comprehensive and the most extensive. That’s why I came to Gypsum. The reason I stayed with Gypsum is because everything they told me in all their promotional stuff was absolutely 100% true.”

- Mark Kinsman

“They helped me learn, they stood by me, they were always there to answer questions for me; even if I was 500 miles away, there was someone I could call for help. And whenever I’ve had a family emergency, and there’s been a few, they were right there for me.”

- Kyle Jones

“I’ve been here for six and a half years and can’t find a better company… I wish I would’ve found this company a long time ago.”

- John Conley