Refer a Driver

Our driver referral program allows our drivers to have unlimited earning potential for all qualified driver referrals! Drivers can earn up to $2,000 for each referral!

How does the program work?

When an existing Gypsum Driver speaks with a potential new driver, he/she must obtain the driver’s name, telephone number, city/state, and email address. Then the driver must notify a driver recruiter or terminal manager with this information BEFORE the new hire makes a formal application. This will allow recruiting to immediately follow up with the candidate to schedule an interview since we now have the candidate’s information. The recruiter will then forward the referral contact name and referring driver to the necessary individual to have it recorded on the same day the recruiter received the information. Now offering more money for referring experienced drivers. Earn up to $2,000 with the referral of a driver with at least one year of verifiable tractor trailer experience.

How do I get paid?

The driver referral program will be paid as follows:

• After the new driver has completed ONE FULL WEEK of work, after orientation, the referring driver will be paid $300.00. Example: when a Gypsum driver refers a new driver that has experience, van only as example, and needs limited training, the referring driver does not get the first payment until the new driver is 100% on their own and worked a full week.

• After the new driver has completed THREE FULL MONTHS of employment, the referring driver will be paid an additional $300.00.

• After the new driver has completed SIX FULL MONTHS of employment, the referring driver will be paid the final payment of $800.00.

• That is a grand total of $1,400!

How do I know if I am eligible?

• Driver must be an active, full-time working Gypsum Driver.

• Mechanics are also eligible to receive a Driver Referral Bonus and must be a full-time employee.

Additional Information

When the hire does come in for an interview and fills out an application, the new hire should have written on the application the name of the Gypsum Driver who referred them. This must match up with the name given to us in advance. If the new hire driver leaves this area blank on the application the person interviewing will ask how they heard about Gypsum Express. If the answer is “through our advertising,” NO referral bonus will be paid. If the new driver states that he was referred by one of our present drivers, we will ask for the name of the driver that referred him. If it matches with the name in our records, then the bonus will be paid as outline above.

A referral bonus can only be paid to an active working driver under dispatch. If a driver is out on Workers Compensation, Disability or Family Leave, they become eligible for Referral Bonus Payment once they return to active duty and under dispatch and as long as the referred driver is still actively working and under dispatch.

We also encourage our drivers to stay in touch with the hired drivers to help coach and mentor them. We are a family here at Gypsum Express, and we take pride in the way our drivers work together and respect one another. That is why we know “Our drivers make the difference.”

Refer a Driver