Driver Satisfaction
One of the most important elements of being a successful company is creating an atmosphere that allows employees to feel good about their jobs. Gypsum Express is committed to making this happen.

Gypsum Express is dedicated to offering quality work opportunities for its drivers. That's one of the reasons the company has a driver turnover rate that is nearly one fourth the industry average.

In it for the Long Haul
Gypsum Express Ltd. - leading the way in driver satisfaction
Baldwinsville, NY. - In an industry plagued by record-high turnover margins, Baldwinsville, NY -based GYPSUM EXPRESS, LTD has bucked the trend. While other trucking companies have struggled to keep employees happy, Gypsum Express has quietly developed a reputation for being the leader in driver satisfaction - and there's a good reason why. It works at providing fulfilling, long-term opportunities for its drivers.

"From the beginning, my goal for this company was to make driver satisfaction a number one priority," said Gypsum Express Ltd. Exec. Vice President John Zink. "We want our drivers to feel encouraged that their company is one they can rely on to provide nothing less then the best."

And that's something, it appears, driving professionals have yet to find with most other transportation companies. A recent trucking industry study found the annual driver turnover rate has reached an all-time high (130%). Despite the quick-quit, company-hopping climate, Gypsum Express, has maintained a margin nearly one fourth the industry average (35%).

Some might consider (our turnover ratio) good, but we're not satisfied. Gypsum Express' Recruiting Staff is constantly looking for ways to improve our company and offer better opportunities.

Part of that commitment involves building long-term relationships with our employees --nearly 22% have been with the service-sensitive carrier longer than five years and another 15% have been with the company for more than a decade.

Our Goal
At Gypsum Express Ltd. our goal is to provide the best experience for drivers. When we hire a driver, our expectation is that this will be the last company they drive for. We want them to be so happy with us that they never want to go anywhere else.

Gypsum Express supports its lofty expectations with competitive wages, outstanding benefits and realistic bonus opportunities. It offers drivers over-the-road, regional and dedicated fleet opportunities, and has eliminated responsibilities (like handling freight and pallets) to help reduce delays and extra stress. It's these kinds of proactive measures that has helped Gypsum Express earn the praise and appreciation of those who pilot its fleet.

One principle, a genuine respect for our drivers, is at the heart of our entire organization. Gypsum Express employees who don't drive are here to support those who do.