Trainer of the Year Finalists

This past year we launched a new training program, where we selected our top drivers to become a part of our team of elite trainers. As the year has gone by, our trainers have helped mold many new drivers and prepared them for the road ahead. We are so proud of all the work our trainers have done, each one playing an important role in the success and growth of Gypsum Express. That is why we have decided to name one of our trainers the “2017 Trainer of the Year”.

Maxine Sears Cornelious, the Orientation and Training Manager, has selected the top three finalists for Trainer of the Year, along with input from Steve Herbert, the Training Coordinator. At this time we are eager to announce our top three finalists; Frank Sheridan of Aliquippa, Terry Decker of Georgetown, and Jacob Gillespie of Shoals.

Frank Sheridan finalist      Terry Decker finalist     Jacob Gillespie finalist

Congratulations to these gentlemen, as they should be very proud of all they have accomplished.  The criteria to become Trainer of the Year was not easy to meet; here are the requirements these guys had to reach in order to be in the running.

  • No moving violations
  • No DOT violations
  • No preventable accidents/incidents
  • Recommendation by DM and TM
  • Successfully graduated at least 6 Trainees
  • Completed all required training
  • No Trainee complaints (validity of complaint determined by Training Manager)
  • No more than 3 hard brakes
  • No more than 3 DDECs
  • No more than 3 HOS violations
  • Received fuel bonus (at least $500)
  • Received Compliance bonus (at least $500)
  • Received Performance bonus (at least $1000)
  • Received safety bonus (at least $1000)

Now that we have determined our top three candidates, Vice President, Tim Sheppard; Owner, John Wight; and Maxine will come together to decide the winner. They will then announce the 2017 Trainer of the Year at the safety banquet, where they will be presented with the following rewards:

  • Trainer of the Year Jacket
  • Trainer of the Year hat
  • Trainer of the Year plaque
  • Trainer of the Year shirts (5 golf style)

The Trainer of the Year will also receive a few other rewards, such as:

  • Their photo posted in Orientation building
  • Bio and picture on the company website
  • Announcement on our Facebook page
  • 2017 Trainer of the Year Logo printed on truck
  • And assist the training department as needed when conducting Train the Trainer class

Overall, we are excited to be launching this new program, and we are so thankful to have such hard working and dedicated drivers on our team. Good luck to Terry, Jacob, and Frank- stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!