New 2018 International ProStars Added to Trainer Fleet

Almost a year has passed since the installation of our new driver training program, and each day its’ success continues to play an important role in the overall growth of Gypsum Express. As the seasons changed, we have increased our number of trainers by over 50 percent, requiring us to make some changes as well. With over 36 current trainers, we added twenty 2018 International ProStars to our fleet of trainer trucks! These new additions are dressed in the same “Gypsum Red” as the rest of our fleet, and have the extended bunk area, like our other trainer tractors.

2018 International Prostar    International ProStar 2018

The new ProStar has many features that drivers will appreciate. Driver trainer, Nick Wilmot, has had his new 2018 International for about a month, and has really enjoyed all that it has to offer. Wilmot states, “The 2018 ProStar trucks are great; it is a very smooth and comfortable ride. The engines are powerful and accelerate with ease .” He continues, ” There are a lot more options than before, and all the controls are easy to reach. The fuel mileage is the best, and the larger mirrors are placed so that the trailer is easier to track. There are also a lot of new safety features which are utilized for training, such as the alarm when you are going over the white line.”

Nick Wilmot web      Nick Wilmot 2 web

Wilmot isn’t the only driver who appreciates the new rigs. “My current trainee really likes the International too, although he might not like how cold I keep the bunk at night”, Wilmot jokes. “In all honesty though, the sleeper does get really cold, and it is very spacious. There is plenty of room and storage for two people. I also love the seats, there are like, eight or nine lumbar settings, which is great for back support!” We are glad to see that the drivers appreciate the new equipment, and that they take such pride in their ride.

International Double Bunk II      International Double Bunk

Nick Wilmot 3 web      Trainer Truck International

We are proud of the excellence demonstrated by our drivers, and we look forward to the continued growth and success of our company. For more information about Gypsum Express, call 844-4GYPSUM, and talk to a recruiter!