Gypsum Training Graduates

Kelly Skillett   Ken Edwards_edit

Kenny Edwards was the trainer of our first Gypsum Training Graduate, Kelly Skillett. Kenny was very proud of how well Kelly did so quickly, but he was definitely not surprised. “The man wanted the job—he put forth the effort and he was going to achieve what he set his mind to.”

When asked what Kenny focused on during the training, it was hard to give an answer, “There is so much to teach really, we are trying to drill everything into these guys to produce well rounded drivers. The pre-trip is something that I tried to focus on because it is one of the most critical points; you can do everything right as a driver but if you miss the thing that makes the truck unsafe then it all doesn’t matter.”

Kenny said what made Kelly a successful trainee was that, “Kelly was very receptive to everything I would tell him. He would go over the materials at the end of the day on his own time; he practiced and took initiative, and just really went the extra mile. He listened and accepted criticism and asked for ways to improve—in all honesty he made my job a lot easier.”

His advice to future trainers and trainees would be, “to give it 100% from the start. Six weeks sounds like a long time, but I swear it’s really not when it comes to the training of professional drivers. It is a tough program, but it is worth it, you will be safer out on the roads once you graduate, and ready to really haul loads and run the miles.”

Kelly Skillett is our first Gypsum Training Program Graduate; passing all of his tests with a score of 100%! For Kelly, learning how to use an Electronic Log Book was a major part of his training process, seeing as he had never used one before in his 20 previous years in the Navy.

Kelly felt that what made Kenny such a strong trainer was his patience and experience, “you could tell there was a lot of wisdom and knowledge behind what he said. I trusted him and I followed his directions.”

When asked, Kelly said, “my biggest piece of advice for future trainees would simply be to listen to your trainers; they didn’t get to where they are for no reason. They put in their time, they know what they are doing, and they are there to help guide and mold you into a better, safer and more professional driver.”

Congratulations Kelly and good luck out on the roads! We know you will be a safe and successful driver!