Local Driver Division

Our local fleet consists of hourly and mileage paid drivers working primarily within 200 miles of a terminal location. We provide 24-hour, 7-day a week service to major customers with in those regions.
Drivers operate late model equipment and enjoy 2 days off per week.
The fleet services a diverse customer base that includes hauling: beverages, beverage containers, cardboard, coffee beans, bulk glass, steel coils and building materials.

The Local Division also serves as a support for our Regional and Road Divisions by loading trailers and making local inbound deliveries as needed.

Local Driver Terminal Locations

Call  866.317.6556

Baldwinsville NY option 1 Bob Lingyak
Shadyside OH option 2 Nick Schilling
Carrollton KY option 3 Brian Miller
Demotte IN option 5 Jennifer Miller
Savannah GA option 6 Melissa Smith
Shoals IN option 7 Brian Miller
Waukegan IL option 8 Jennifer Miller