Lightning Loading Service

lightning loading service

Lightning Loading Service (Lightning) is a division of Gypsum Express Ltd. Lightning currently operates six loading services throughout the Midwest. These locations include Waukegan, IL, Shoals, IN, Wheatfield, IN, Clinton, IN, Carrollton, KY, and Moundsville, WV. Our current management team consists of John Wight, President,  Tim Sheppard, Vice President –Flatbed Operations, and TJ Sherman, Lightning Loading Service Manager. Together they bring over 80 years of combined experience in  trucking, loading, and warehousing to Lightning. Because our roots are in the building materials industry, we know, from our hands on experience, the standards on how loads should be secured and tarped each and every time for safety and to protect the product while it is moving down the road.

Although we haul for the locations in which we do load services as Gypsum Express Ltd, we take pride in the fact that we have set standards and conditions with our managers so all trucks moving from a facility are loaded timely and fairly, regardless who the carrier is, based on pre set criteria from our shippers. We have never received a complaint from our carrier customers regarding unfair treatment, or quality of work.