Gypsum Express Sponsors Little Kids, Big Trucks Event: Baldwinsville, NY

On Saturday, June 3rd, Gypsum Express sponsored the family friendly event “Little Kids, Big Trucks” for the second consecutive year, in Baldwinsville, New York. As a family-owned company, and dedicated to providing employees with a work-life balance, being a part of community events such as this is something we take much pride in. “Little Kids, Big Trucks” is a free, all-ages event, where children and adults can learn about different types of trucks, the jobs they provide, the work they produce, the skills necessary to operate them, and much more! It is a great way to engage with members of the community, as well as establish a better reputation for the overall industry.

This year, over 2,000 people came out to explore and learn about our different types of trucks, ranging from vans, to dump trucks, tow trucks. Participants also learned specifically about our drivers, how they are trained, their dedication to safety, the materials they haul, and about our company in general. It was a beautiful, sunny day, filled with tons of fun and smiles. We are so thankful to provide moments like this, and will continue to be a part of these events in the future!