Gypsum Express Finds “Flow” in New Bulk Division

It has been a little over a month since Gypsum Express has introduced our new bulk division at our Baldwinsville, New York terminal location, and things are really beginning to “flow”. The division consists of three separate trailer types; eleven flow-boy trailers, four tri-axle mini flow-boy trailers, and fifteen tri-axle dump truck trailers. Hauling mainly asphalt and aggregates, this division taps into “a whole different ball game compared to van and flatbed hauling”, says Larry Wight, Vice President of Material Handling Division. “That is probably the most exciting thing when it comes to the new division; we are really diversifying the company.”

Trailers and materials aren’t the only things that differentiate the bulk division from our other divisions. For starters, drivers can have a CDL-B or CDL-A to work in the division. The second major change is the model of truck; this division is made up of mainly 2017 and 2018 Western Stars, which is ideal for the materials being hauled. The flow-boys are being pulled by 4900 Western Stars, the dump trucks are pulled by 4700 Western Stars, and the trailers are all 2018 Trout Rivers. These driver positions are local out of Baldwinsville, and pay by the hour, rather than by mileage.

Aside from these changes, the major difference for our company, as Larry mentioned previously, is that we are entering into something different than anything we have done before. “We are learning the market, and it takes time. There is also a decent amount of competition, and we are really glad to break into that area”, Larry said. Some of our main customers that we have already picked up include; Barrett Paving Materials, Hanson Aggregate, Callanan Industries, Villager Corporation, CFR, and Lindsey Aggregates.

As we continue to move forward, we have big goals we would like to see for the Bulk division. “We are currently operating at 20 drivers, and we would like to see that number increase. By 2018 I would like to double the size of the fleet, and then grow even further from there”, says Larry. If becoming a part of this growing team sounds like something you are interested in, recruiter, Bob Lingyak can assist you with any questions you may have about applying! You can give him a call at 800-621-7901 x6124!