Do you allow passengers?

Yes, we do allow passengers. Here is the criteria:

The guidelines for participation in this program are as follows:
• Passenger must receive written authorization from Gypsum Express, Ltd. prior to riding in the vehicle.
• Driver may become eligible for this program after completion of their 90-day probationary period.
• Driver shall have acquired 6-months [minimum] of verifiable safe, solo driving history to qualify.
• Authorization for passenger insurance will be based on the employee’s performance and safety record.
* This determination will be made by the Safety Director and/or Human Resources Manager.
• Passenger’s are allowed to be spouse, children or significant other to the driver.
• Passenger cannot be a co-driver, helper, or work for the Driver.
• No hitchhikers allowed!
• Photograph and/or copy of State ID or School ID of passenger must be on file at Gypsum Express.
• Passenger must provide proof of medical insurance coverage.
• Passenger must be at least 14 years old. Proof of age [birth certificate or State ID] required.
• Children under 16 years old must have written Parental or Guardian permission to participate.
• Children under 16 years old are not allowed while school is in session.
• Passenger Authorization Form must be complete, and a copy carried with the Gypsum Express Driver.
• The Gypsum Express Driver agrees to pay the full insurance premium required for the passenger.
• The passenger must utilize his/her seat belt when riding in the seat.
• Some customers do not allow children on their premises. You must be prepared to adhere to the customers’ policy if so requested.


The cost of the insurance needed is based on the following scale:

  • 30 Days: $57.00
  • 60 Days: $71.00
  • 90 Days: $110.00
  • 120 Days: $125.00
  • 180 Days: $175.00
  • 365 Days: $340.00