Bulk Customers

Gypsum Express Bulk Division has a large fleet of Aluminum/Combo/Steel Triaxle Dump Trucks (21 ton payload), Flowboy Tractor Trailers (36.5 ton payload), Mini Flowboy Triaxles (21 ton payload) and Lowboys with NYS Heavy Haul Permits.

Gypsum Express Bulk Division can fulfill all of your trucking needs from aggregate, equipment, flatbed, and van body’s. We have a full time Driver Manager, Steve Lamontagne, that schedules and dispatches all of the trucks to ensure that all of our customers get what trucks they need and when they need them. 85% of the Bulk Fleet is made up of trucks that are 2018 and newer to ensure minimal down time due to equipment failures, as well as a road service to handle breakdowns as efficiently as possible.

Gypsum Express Bulk Division can also provide Stock Pile Locations for Temporary Storage. We also have Payloaders, Excavators, and Dozers to Load and/or Level fill areas.

If you are in need of our services please call 315-231-6613 or email bulk@gypsumexpress.com We look forward to hearing from you!